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Comb and Hair Types

by Sandi, under

Type of human hair varies, so we suggest you use a comb according to hair type. In order for your hair as a crown could remain untreated. The tipsnya are:
  • Rarely toothed comb, ideal for wet hair because the hair is very fragile condition.
  • Comb round, just use the time to blow your hair, hair volume can be to make or give straight hair look.
  • Meeting toothed comb, ideal for those of you that straight-haired and thin.
  • Comb rowing, in addition to blow-straight hair, is also able to create a volume and a little neater hair thinning.
  • Comb brush, can be used for fine and fragile hair, so not a scratch on the skin and soft
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Beautiful and Fresh Faces with Massage

by Sandi, under

Massage on the face will make blood circulation more smoothly, the stress of flying, and flush the face will look more beautiful and fresh.Following a tip-tip:
  1. Clean the face with air freshener, and then apply moisturizer all over face with upward sweeping motion.
  2. Region slowly began to pinch the cheek bone to the jaw line (morning). Make a circular motion with the forefinger (night). Press for several seconds in the tense region.
  3. Three-finger hand clap rhythmically across the face. Avoid eye area.
  4. Use two fingers to massage your forehead area, began to limit eyebrow hair.
  5. Place both hands together telapk beside his nose and mouth, then rubbed his palm across the face several times.
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Smooth and Smooth Belly

by Sandi, under

For most women, the ideal body is healthy and slim body, including stomach is flat, taut and smooth.Many ways are offered from traditional to modern ways.

Internal treatment :
  1. Consuming beverages such as herbal teas or herbal medicine which contains substances that can be launched digestion and blood circulation, so the skin becomes taut belly.
  2. Avoid fatty foods and high carbohydrate
  3. Expand consume protein foods, such as fish, egg whites, etc
  4. Expand eating fruits and vegetables.
  5. Avoid snack foods / drinks contain alcohol.
  6. Drinking lots of water.
  7. Drinking anti-cellulite capsules.
  8. Do regular exercise.
  9. Create a balance between work and recreation.

Eksternal treatment :
  1. Do scrubbing to remove dead cells that clog pores.
  2. Do massage of the abdomen with olive oil.
  3. Apply anti-cellulite cream.
  4. Do body steam or sauna.
  5. Acupuncture therapy.
  6. Liposuction (other alternatives).
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